Our Network

All LCOM wireless services are provided over our own network infrastructure. This means that we have full control over the monitoring and security of our network - and with instant access to our network equipment, we are able to diagnose and resolve any issues quickly, without need for 3rd party escalations.

LCOM uses numerous wireless transmitter towers, strategically placed on tall buildings, mountains and hills, which enable us to connect to the surrounding homes and businesses. Just like cellular towers, our towers transmit voice and data wirelessly, as opposed to using traditional landline infrastructure.

HOWEVER, the difference with our service is that we connect directly to a point at your home or office. This is known as a "fixed wireless" service, which provides a strong, secure connection – for crystal-clear voice and world-class internet.

(To learn more about how wifi works read this article)

Our Coverage

Having our own infrastructure also means that we are far more agile in our network reach and expansion than those ISP’s who rely on 3rd party network providers.

We currently offer services to following areas within the Eastern Cape:

For areas outside of our current coverage, please feel free to contact us to find out about our expansion plans or alternative connectivity solutions.

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