Cofimvaba is located in the province of Eastern Cape which is in South Africa, you can view on this location on Google Maps.

Cofimvaba is a town in Chris Hani District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Village 79 km east of Queenstown on the route to Butterworth, in Thembuland. Probably named after the nearby stream which, after rains, froths turbulently and resembles milk. The name is also said to be derived from cofa, ‘press’, mvaba, ‘milk-bag’ (of goat-skin), done to break lumps of sour milk. Another explanation is that the sound of the water gurgling over the rocks is reminiscent of the splashing of milk in the bag when shaken.

The village of Cofimvaba was probably established in about 1877 when the magisterial seat for Thembuland, which had originally been located at St Marks, was transferred to a more accessible location. Chris Hani was born in Cofimvaba.

There is only one hospital in Cofimvaba, Cofimvaba Hospital. There are two high schools that are in town,St. James High School and Cofimvaba High School.

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