Frequently Asked Questions


We can port a Telkom number to our service, but we cannot port another VOIP number to our service.
Yes, unused VOIP airtime carries over and does not expire.
Yes, faxing does work over a VOIP service.
You can keep your number when you move. Choose from geographic (area-specific) or non-geographic numbers.


No, our wireless services are completely independent of Telkom infrastructure.
Yes, you can use any e-mail address, but there may be costs incurred from your previous ISP.
This depends on the line speed of your connection, as well as the hardware installed at your premises.
When you have 10% data remaining, you will receive a notification email with your data balance and you will need to top up to avoid uninterupted service.
Top-ups do not carry over.
No, as long as the cost of internet continues to decrease, the price of our packages will too.
Yes, we do provide public IP addresses, at a nominal monthly fee.
Torrents are a low priority service. They may be blocked at times of peak traffic, to prevent congestion.
No, we don’t track your internet usage history.
Yes, but you do need a static IP for this, which we can provide at a nominal monthly fee.


All hardware carries a 12 month warranty against failure. There is no warranty on physically damaged hardware.
The client is responsible for his or her equipment and any replacements required, unless covered by our 12 month warranty.

Customer Support

LCOM is responsible for all customer support. Contact us on +(27) 87 1600 602 or e-mail us at
Our turnaround for most faults is 8 hours.

Account Payments

Yes, should a payment be missed, we allow three working days before switching off your service.