What is VoIP?

VOIP is becoming increasingly popular in the business world - as a means to saving on call costs, as well as for the many other business advantages that VOIP PBX functionality offers.

VOIP technology (short for Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows for calls to be made across the internet. As a digital service, calls may be routed through a Virtual PBX, which is a cloud-based service that replaces the traditional analogue-based PABX system (that box with the flashing lights in or near the office reception area).

The advantages of VoIP

  • Calls may be routed wirelessly – no need for a traditional copper or fibre infrastructure.
  • Call rates – especially international calls - are more competitive, because they terminate through one of several providers.
  • Virtual PBX functionality provides numerous business benefits.

Free Calls

Multiple offices or staff who work from home? Install a VPN between locations and enjoy free on-net calls with our Virtual PBX solutions.

Virtual PBX

Using dynamic voice software with comprehensive PBX functionality, LCOM offers fully-managed virtual (hosted) PBX solutions for all business applications. With the service being internet-based, we are able to remotely add and remove extensions, change features on a business-wide or per extension basis, and support your entire system efficiently and effectively.

Our solutions are streamlined (you only pay for what you need!) and scalable, so whether you are expanding or downscaling, we can easily and instantly adapt the service to your needs.

The advantages of a Virtual PBX

  • Call reporting - draw incoming and outgoing call reports by department or by extension. Pre-defined call reports can even be set to e-mail automatically on a monthly basis.
  • Auto-attendant / Voice prompts - auto-attendant functionality allows the caller to interact with your PBX by selecting from a menu of service options. Use professionally recorded voice prompts (or record your own) to guide callers to the correct department for assistance.
  • Call conferencing - multi-party calls are made easy and convenient through VOIP. Specialised VOIP conference phones are perfect for the boardroom and are designed for crystal-clear, hands-free communication, with special features to optimise your calls.
  • Call recording - Record your calls for training, quality control and customer consent purposes. Recorded calls can be stored off-site and accessed at any time by authorised staff.
  • Security - integrate door phones / intercoms with your PBX system – speak to visitors and unlock doors from your telephone handset.
  • Call-routing and call-forwarding - set calls to ring at particular extensions, in order, and even forward to mobile numbers, ensuring that no call goes unanswered. Routing may be set according to days and times.
  • Voicemail - set voicemail on a per extension basis. E-mail notifications can be sent to users to inform them of their waiting messages.
  • Music on hold - choose the music that you would like callers to listen to while on hold. Or let them know about current specials or upcoming events!

Who can benefit?

Our voice solutions are suitable for:

  • SME’s and corporates
  • Multi-branch businesses
  • Multi-dwelling, mixed-use and commercial developments
  • Call centres
  • Municipal or government offices
  • Schools

… any organisation or establishment that requires multiple telephone extensions

Service Features


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Caller ID

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